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Westminster, CO
United States

(925) 222-5563


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AVSFAM World Tour (Do some damage)  - Small

Wabi-Sabi (Scratch, dent, one-offs and test prints)

We have a small but steady collection of test prints that only exist in a few sizes.

Sometimes, we have a garment that has the smallest of flaws, but can’t sell at full price because it’s not 100% perfect.

While we actually love the process that produces these one offs and slightly flawed shirts (Wabi-Sabi) we discount them heavily and offer them up to those who share our appreciation for the uniquely flawed things in life.

AVSFAM World Tour (Do some damage) - Small


AVSFAM World Tour (Do some damage) - Small

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We love the worn look… but we actually get really caught up in the details. So much so that the little ink build-up on the left half of the flying-V guitar was just too much to handle. How can we sleep at night knowing that there was a build-up from printing?

Fun Fact (dork version)

The ink build-up is caused by a lack of tackiness on the pallet that holds the shirt when printing. It causes the shirt to lift when the screen is removed and thusly makes a build-up. Fascinating, right?

Anyway, now that you know the details, it’s your call. No returns or take-backs. Ask your Doc if wabi-sabi is right for you.