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Westminster, CO
United States

(925) 222-5563


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Colorado Hockey Circle Logo Sticker

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Colorado Hockey Circle Logo Sticker

CH Circle.png
CH Circle.png

Colorado Hockey Circle Logo Sticker


The Colorado Hockey Circle Logo Sticker is here! We’re legit geeks about this stuff and while you might find the difference between the two versions of this sticker subtle, we can’t not see it. If you look closely, there is a little bit more detail in the mountains, in one version that is not in the other. It’s a big deal, trust us. Who says you have to pick just one? So we did both.

It's roughly 3" x 3" and ready for sticking on everything that can take a sticking! Printed in darker Avs and Colorado flag colors, because that’s cool.

  • Die-cut white vinyl

  • Darker Avs and Colorado flag colors

  • About 3" x 3" Perfect for car windows and water bottles.

  • 2 versions - detail and no detail in the mountains

There be details in them there mountains:
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Colorado Hockey is booming. From the parents that do the “early morning ice club” to the kids dreaming about being a pro one day. To the amateurs, college kids, pro and even the ankle benders, we salute you.

In the words of Wayne and Garth “Game on!”

<3 ytou #COhockey