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Gabe Landeskog For President - Bumper Sticker

Wabi-Sabi (Scratch, dent, one-offs and test prints)

We have a small but steady collection of test prints that only exist in a few sizes.

Sometimes, we have a garment that has the smallest of flaws, but can’t sell at full price because it’s not 100% perfect.

While we actually love the process that produces these one offs and slightly flawed shirts (Wabi-Sabi) we discount them heavily and offer them up to those who share our appreciation for the uniquely flawed things in life.

Gabe Landeskog For President - Bumper Sticker


Gabe Landeskog For President - Bumper Sticker

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A leader from birth and force of nature. Landy was at one time the NHL’s youngest captain. Hall of Fame veterans of the game spotted his leadership at a young age, and he’s weathered storm after storm with stoic grace and accountability. In victory and defeat, he is the man that other men want to be and the voice of sporting warriors. #GabeLandeskogForPresident

$2.00 shipped because the printer messed it up, just the tiniest little bit. See if you can even notice it.

  • Large 7.5 x 3.75 rectangle sticker

  • Unique adhesive to make it easier to remove (presidential campaign stickers should be removed in 10 years or less.

  • 100% awesome