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Cyborg Soda-Zilla Soderbeer - bottle Labels


Cyborg Soda-Zilla Soderbeer - bottle Labels

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This sticker has been end-pf-lifed and is now out of production.

Just the labels. If we ever make real Soderbeer, we’ll get it in Ryker’s liquor store, eh.

Anyway, Cyborg Soda-Zilla is the large Swede who skates, scores, battles and even destroys with a complete lack of emotion. It’s utterly fantastic and we’ve immortalized the Swedish cyborg in a beer label suitable for decorating any bottle. Combine this with a bottle of Landy Scotch on the shelf and you’ve got the beginnings of the most unique celebration of Avalanche hockey around.

  • Size: 2" x 3" 

It’s not a beer. It’s a sticker. You can put it on beer, that’s what it’s for. But, we’re not selling beer… yet.