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Dutchy - Pullover Hoodie

Matt Duchene Hoodie
Matt Duchene Hoodie
Matt Duchene Hoodie
Matt Duchene Hoodie
Matt Duchene Hoodie
Matt Duchene Hoodie
Matt Duchene Hoodie
Matt Duchene Hoodie

Dutchy - Pullover Hoodie

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This hoodie has been end-of-lifed and is no longer in production.

Dutchy - Pull-over Hoodie - Pull-over | Hoodie AKA the #DutchyDutchyWootWoot

The man the myth and now the hoodie! The Dutchy pays homage to a player who was a part of the Colorado Avalanche organization long before he was drafted. His infectious energy and desire to win... won us all over. Behold, the Dutchy Hoodie.

  • 100% print with that blends with the hoodie but doesn't make a "chest-plate" of ink. Super soft, minimal/no shrinkage

About the fit: The Dutchy hoodies are printed on Jerzees garments - just like the Condor and Colorado Hockey Pull-over - specifically chosen for this design and they are a "average fit". Also, they are pre washed garments that shouldn't shrink much in the laundry. The softness on the inside is like falling in love for the first time, all over again. 

OMG, you're out of my size. Will you tell me when you get more?

The Dutchy Pull-over Hoodie AKA the #DutchyDutchyWootWoot has arrived. It's sexy, sleek and holds the heat like a warm hug from your most favorite person in the entire world. Vintage Navy Blue with a white full-in front print. Drawstrings dangle from the large hood (big enough for my XL mellon) and the front pockets make attending hockey games as comfortable as laying in bed... all the while looking awesome. 

May the Dutchy be with you!