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Westminster, CO
United States

(925) 222-5563


@AvsFam on Twitter

Scavenger Hunts

Mission: Pics of Picks


Status: Mission accomplished

#AvsFam Agent LGW successfully completed mission Pics of Picks in early February 2015. 

Photo by LGW Photography

Photo by LGW Photography

Fun side story: LGW was the first person to send us a picture of her wearing her Picks shirt, with Picks. So she gets a free shirt sent to anyone she wants. Guess what she did?

(start the heart-strings music here)

LGW wanted to have her free shirts sent to Picks so that he could have the shirt that he inspired on that fateful night in Colorado where he got his first ever shoot-out win and in the most authentic response to winning ever... struck the "come at me bro" pose that you see on the shirt itself. 

That puts a lump in our throats. I <3 LGW.