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Westminster, CO
United States

(925) 222-5563


@AvsFam on Twitter


Frequently asked questions about #AvsFam and #AvsFam shirts.

A note about shipping:

Like the quality or our garments (shirts) that we print on and the ink we print on them (PVC-free) – we don't skimp on the shipping part either. We charge $5.10 - $5.70 for shirts shipped in the US and use Priority Flat Rate Shipping from USPS. It's fast, reliable shipping that we can track and that gives you notifications - if you include your email address. 

It usually only takes us a day or two to get your shirts packaged and ready for shipping. That means you'll typically have the shirt in 5-7 days. BUT - if the shirt you're ordering is on back-order (it happens) it can take up to 2 weeks. We're like you, when we buy something we want it bad and the longer we have to wait the grumpier we get. So if you're worried, just ask us what's going on and we'll reply quick with honest answers. 


 #AvsFam shirts ready to ship to adoring new owners!

#AvsFam shirts ready to ship to adoring new owners!

Q: Are you associated with the Colorado Avalanche Hockey Club? 

A: Nope, just love Avs hockey!

Q: What does it mean when it says that "sorry, we do not have enough of that item available?"

A: It means that we've sold out of stock on that item. It could be a certain size/color of. If we sold out I assure you that we have more on order but we don't like to sell things we can't ship right away. 

If you want to be notified when we have new stock in, just give us your email below and we'll let you know as soon as we have new stock.

OMG, you're out of my size. Will you tell me when you get more? 

Q: Where can I buy said #AvsFam shirts? 

A: Yes, this is a question we get from time to time in email. Usually it comes by way of Twitter though.

Shirts can be ordered from (Pro tip: You are here right now)

Q: Do you ship outside the USA? 

A: Yes, but it'll cost you in time and/or money. It takes a while to ship First Class mail (2 weeks to Canada) but it's the cheapest option at about $15-$20 big ones. So, it' makes sense to order a few and share the shipping with a friend or neighbor. We are currently set-up to ship to Canada and the UK. If you are in some other part of the world, email us and we'll see what we can do.

Q: I'm a girl and I'd like a girly shirt in a girly size. Can you do that for me?

A: Yes, and no. Many of the shirts we make are specifically chosen for color, weight, knit count and material. So, giving you the same #AvsFam shirt in a girl cut and size. We can and we will get you a shirt that's as close to the original shirts as possible, but it might be a little different in one of the aforementioned ways.

--->email us and we'll see what we can do.

Update: After much chirping we've started to make the baby-doll women's cut shirts a standard. 

Q: What if I have a shirt idea?

A: We love ideas and we often play "let's make a shirt" on Twitter where we take your input and mock-it-up on shirts to see if it's truly awesome. 

We've also got The Shirt Lab where all of our current ideas live and where you can view and like the shirts you want to see printed and available in the shop. So like away!


Q: Do I have to send a picture of me in the #AvsFam shirt if I buy one?

A: *squinty eyes here*

No. It's not required. We love it when you do and so do other #AvsFam er's. But, if you're camera shy we get it. You can be in the #AvsFam Protection Program and wear your shirt in private. You're still family.

Q: Do you ever have sales or promotions?

A: Simple answer: Yes. After our college drinking days we needed an outlet for all of those drinking games like Thumb Master, The Name Game, Name That Tune and whatever else keep the booze flowing and the party going. So, you'll see some contests like that from time to time. But, they will change from season to season. We like to take a long hard look at our game (like players and coaches) and make sure that we're putting our best product out to you, the fans (so cheesey :)

Check --> here <-- for the latest and great of #AVSFAM in-game entertainment and contests.  


Q: DO YOU donate shirts to charites?

A: We donate some shirts but prefer to do it on an individual basis and without fanfare. We don't like to do what we call a "blind donation" where we don't even know who's going to get the shirts… and its probably just a random person who got their raffle ticket pulled at an event. Rather, we keep an eagle-eye out for people whom we think deserve a shirt for being awesome in the face of adversity. Usually that means serving in the military, being very ill, or helping others – even when nobody else is looking. If we've just described someone you know, tell us about them. We can't make promises but we'll see what we can do.