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Westminster, CO
United States

(925) 222-5563


@AvsFam on Twitter

#AvsFamFTW Contest

The #AvsFamFTW "you can't win this" contest. 

The #AVSFAMFTW contest

Be the first to guess the final score of the game and who scores the game-winning goal (GWG) and you'll win a free #AVSFAM (logo) shirt.

If you're not familiar with the rest of our gear... 20+ designs or so…

  • All guesses must be in before the scheduled game start time. If not, your not eligible, and your a cheater.

  • If you pick the opposing team to win, you lose. No shirt for you!

  • If you win twice, we make you gift the 2nd shirt to another #AVSFAM, not your imaginary friend.

  • If we don't have the style and color of the LOGO shirts you want, we'll see what else we can do for you. Probably an alumni shirt/hat or stickers. We do our best.

  • We post your guesses for all to see, with you twitter handle. By filling out this form you agree that we can do that.

  • We can change rules anytime we want. Just like drinking games.

For a live look at others guesses, scroll down past the entry form.
Who will score the GWG (Game Winning Goal), pick from this list.
Enter the number of goals you think the Avs will score.
How many goals will the other team score?