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Tyson Barrie Z Hat

#AvsFam IdeaLab

First, we love making shirts and seeing those shirts in the wild. We've been making shirts on and off for 10+ years and if we've learned anything it's that simple wins. Leave the chest-plate like art to hockey jerseys. A t-shirt is like putting on a warm-hug or a good mood and it all starts with the garment. 

The How and Why of t-shirt selection

We don't mess around when it comes to the quality, cut and fit of our shirts. We buy the best shirts and pay the extra money to get them. Most shirt companies use the cheap t-shirt options that you'll find at most charity events and mass-shirt-events.

But not us!

We want you to look for your #AvsFam shirt before any other shirt when you dump the laundry basket on your bed.

After a long day at work, we want you to be thinking about going home and putting on your #AvsFam shirt.

Going to the Avs Game? We want you to have the #AvsFam shirt on under your jersey. 

It's that important to us and that's all before we even consider what is going on the shirt. 

T-shirt art

Like I said, this isn't our first rodeo and we've learned many a lesson by getting the bull's horns. Think of us as the experienced vet in the locker-room who's in the middle of his best hockey ever. (deep thoughts)

You can – and we have – make an 11 color shirt that nears photo quality. Every now and then there's a compelling reason to do just that. But they are few and far between. It's our belief that simple is best and minimal ink is most comfortable. Having a comfortable garment (shirt) is pointless if you weigh it down with heavy inks. So we like to do a lot of blends and fades that allow the shirt to show through the ink a bit. It gives it an authentic look and best of all a comfort level that matches the shirt fabric. 

Tyson Barrie Z Hat


We've spent a lot of time thinking about Tyson Barrie gear… and honestly, we still haven't come up with a shirt that we think does #Tbeauts justice. Just pumping out shirts that we think will sell because they have a players name on them isn't' us. We want it to be 100% awesomeness and it has to be so cool that people would wear it, even if they didn’t know anything about hockey. Or, who Tyson Barrie is. 

 But when it comes to hats we - we've got an idea we really like. It's part Superman – part Clark Kent. It's part hockey sniper – part golf pro (another passion of Barrie's, we hear). It's bold and subtle all at the same time. It’s simple, classic and a unique blend of retro and modern. It represents the hockey sniper with dangles so filthy his moves should be Rated R. But pays homage to the babyfaced killer hs is on the golf course (we hear he’s pretty damn good with an iron too). This isn’t logo-wear that you can buy at any street corner or sports store with the Avs logo on it. We love that stuff too, but it's well covered. This is a unique hat you can’t get anywhere else. This is fan wear at it's best. This is a deep appreciation for the player immortalized in a hat that you will refuse to toss on the ice, even if he gets a hat trick. 

We’re not messing around with just any hat shop when it comes to creating this hat either. We’re going right to the top of the hat food chain for quality and reputation. Zephyr Hats is a local company that makes hats so legit, every major sports league and pro team has their hats made there. We even scouted a rep for this project that used to work at the Pepsi Center, loves hockey and speaks our language like no other can. It’s hockey geek-out at its best and we love it. We're using 3D raised stitch to take the logo from flat and gift-shopy... to a piece of art that has subtle changes in different light. The back will have a small nod to the #AVSFAM with a tone on tone (thread the same color as the hat) embroidered #AVSFAM on the back. 

Behold the TB #AVSFAM Zfit hat mock-up.