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Westminster, CO
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(925) 222-5563


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Hedji Hotline


We’ve been beating the drum for Milan Hejduk to have his number retired for years. In my mind, there is no better example of a team player than Milan Hejduk. He’s as classy as it gets both on and off the ice, he had world class skills (and probably still does) and he did as much, if not more for the organization than at least one of the numbers currently hanging in the rafters. No offense to cup-chaser(s). 

Between now and the ceremony on January 6th, we’re collecting stories from the fans themselves.

Call this number --> (925) 222-5563
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When the time comes, we’ll compile all of the memories, comments, and rants into a collection on just like “How I became an Avs fan, and possibly create a podcast with the for

Don’t be shy. Do take this chance to pay homage to one of the greatest players in Colorado Avalanche History.

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