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5 things I learned from the #AvsFam -ily outing, summer 2014


The AvsFamily outing!

Totally bummed I missed this weekends AvsFam activities. From the images I found in the various twitter feeds it looks like everyone had a blast and I've learned a few things about my extended AvsFam.

1. Girls in skirts can McGinn in style!

2. Kevin has nice balls. Very clean as well.

3. There must be such a thing as frosting sharpies to write numbers on cupcakes. Who knew?

4. Everyone in the AvsFam wears a baseball cap to play golf. It must be a rule. 

5. I need to make the next AvsFamily outing!

Kudos to those who made it and extra kudos to @BrgBrigadeKevin and @lvs2rdhrses for setting it all up.